bring your group to
vous conference

We want to make sure we are making it as easy as possible for you and your leaders to come hang with VOUS this summer in Miami. Bringing a group to conference this year comes with more perks than ever before. Every registered group and its attendees will be receive group perks.

what's included

Special Rates

First choice of breakouts

Early Entry

Reserved seating

discounted accomodations

special Rates

Get the best rate possible by registering as a group. Save up to 10% per ticket by registering together.

We recommend that you assign one leader in your group to manage the overall payment for your group. We have learned that it is best for everyone to make the payments directly to the church/organization and then have the organization make one payment for all of the registered guest confirmed on attending.


First choice of breakouts

There is limited space in all of our 18 breakouts. You and your group will be able to register for breakouts before anyone else.

We recommend getting with your group and spreading everyone out into as many breaks out each as possible. Have your team take notes in a way that they can teach them to the rest of the group or even back with your team at home.

breakouts coming soon


Beat the chaos of the crowd when locating your seats. Registered groups will be allowed to enter the venue before doors open to general admission.

Each session, each day, you and your group will have a specific window to enter the arena before everyone else. We recommend creating a meeting spot outside of the area day 1 that you and your group meet at the set time each day /session. It’s easiest for our team to walk you and majority of your group at the same time.


Sitting next to your friends and other church leaders will be an incredible experience to worship, pray and connect with each other like never before.

We recommend walking into the arena with your group and making your way to your seats on time for each session to ensure your seats are not being given up as there will be times that the team will assume that your empty seats mean you are not attending that specific session.

Team Building Moments

Get your own reserved space to regroup as a team and share notes on sessions and breakouts. You'll get your own designated area complete with seating and a whiteboard.

LOCAL Accomodations

Local accomodations hand-picked for you and your guests around the arena.