​VOUS Conference is a​ yearly gathering​ for people​ to
encounter God, equip the church, and empower the next generation of leaders​. ​
This years's conference will be the ten year anniversary
and is preparing to be the best one yet.

Thursday — Sunday
june 13 — 15 // miami, fl


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thursday, June 13

Session 1 - 7:30pm
After Party: 9:30pm

friday, June 14

Session 2 - 10:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Session 3 - 2:00pm
Breakouts - 4:30pm
Session 4 - 7:30pm
After Party: 9:30pm

saturday, June 15

Morning Workout: 8:00am
Session 5 - 10:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Session 6 - 2:00pm
Breakouts - 4:30pm
Session 7 - 7:30pm

So God came to us.
So we could go into the world.
Carrying the light into the night.
To bring the broken home.
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?
Who are you waiting on?
The charge has been set.
The orders given.

And if we don't go

No one else is coming.
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conference hosts

rich & dawncheré Wilkerson

Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson are the lead pastors of VOUS church and founders of VOUS Conference. they have a heart to reach the city of Miami and beyond with the life transforming message of Jesus. They believe in the next generation and value the wisdom and guidance of those that have gone before us.

conference Speakers

Judah Smith

Lead Pastor, Churchome

Seattle, Wa

Chad Veach

Lead Pastor, zoe church la

LOS Angeles, CA

Carl Lentz

Lead Pastor, Hillsong nyc

New York, NY

Mike Todd

Lead Pastor, Transformation church

Tulsa, OK

musical guests

Mosaic MSC

VOUS Worship

Doe Jones


How to Turn a Crowd into a Community

Crowds are cool, but they don't make a church. Unless people get connected they will never be committed. Come hear the story of VOUS Crews, the small groups that make a big church feel like a small church. Discover when and how they meet, what the leadership structure looks like, and how they help fulfill the mission of our church. It is our crews that have turned our crowd into a community.

hosted by: Adrian Molina

You’re Already Weird

What is the role of the Holy Spirit? How do the gifts of the Spirit play a part in our daily lives and in our church services? What does it mean to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Are you missing out on the fullness of what God has for you by avoiding, ignoring, or misunderstanding this fundamental part of your spiritual life? Pastor Denny Duron is going to get practical and spiritual as he shares on the power and person of the Holy Spirit.

hosted by: Pastor Denny Duron

Communicating For Change

Join Rich Wilkerson, Jr. as he interviews Judah Smith on effective communication. We know it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Having a life-changing message is not good enough. If you don’t make it understandable, relatable, and memorable, it won’t change a thing. From message preparation to delivery, learn how to sharpen your skills as a communicator and lead people to life change.

Interview: Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Judah Smith

Why You Should Stop Trying to Change Your City

From Day 1 at VOUS, the question was never Should we change the world? it was How should we change the world? We believe that the pathway to influence is service. As we serve our city, God is faithful to change it. Come get inspired and learn how to serve your city better by creating local partnerships. Hear from the VOUS CARE team around our past outreach projects, what's worked and what's failed.

hosted by: Manouchka charles

You Can’t Do It Without a Team

The right vision with the wrong people is irrelevant. Leaders aren't just found, they're formed. They're not discovered, they're developed. You have the right people around you, but can you see what's in front of you? Come learn our philosophy and strategy of developing a culture of servant leadership. Walk away with tips and tricks for recruitment, development, and releasing leaders into their God potential.

hosted by: Dakota Duron

Worship is More Than a Song

Worship is more than singing songs, it’s our soul’s response to God in every aspect of our daily lives. At VOUS, we feel called to set that response to music, to craft lyrics and melodies that seek to express what we have experienced. We’ll never run out of ways to say it. If you’re a worship leader or songwriter, join Mariah Goss (Mosaic MSC) and Dominique Jones for a conversation on songwriting and the heart of worship.

hosted by: Luke Barry

Till Death Do Us Part

Has it always been this difficult to maintain a healthy relationship? For many people in today's fast-paced world, marriage is a vestige of a bygone era. Who knows who they're going to be or what they're going to want 5, 10, 20, 40 years down the line? Why commit to one person? Is a commitment like that even realistic? And if it's possible, is it worth the effort? Join Phil and Destiny Deas, lead pastors of North Point Community Church, as they share biblical insight into how to navigate the challenges and pitfalls of modern marriage.

hosted by: Phil and Destiny Deas

It’s Not Babysitting, It’s Leadership Development

If you're not growing, you're dying. If you're not reaching the next generation, who will carry the cause when the time comes? It may be easier not to think about it, but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Whether you are brick and mortar or mobile, you can't afford not to get this right. Hear from the VOUS KIDS team around leading kids, mobilizing servant leaders, team structure, safety procedures, curriculum, creative programming, and more.

hosted by: Breeanna Graham

Don't Practice on People

Do you constantly feel behind schedule and under pressure? Do you keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results? Maybe you don't need prayer, you might just need to prepare. We don't have it all figured out, but we're ready to give you everything we've picked up along the way about programming services, planning worship sets, preparing platform teams, executing creative moments, and running effective campaigns.

hosted by: Luke Barry

Women in Leadership

Is there a tension between leading at home and walking in your God-given calling? As women, we can experience unnecessary and unfair pressure (sometimes self-inflicted) to be everything to everyone. Let's get real. You don't have to choose between leading in church or the marketplace and leading at home. You don't have to choose between your calling and your children. Come hear from pastor DawnCheré as she leads a conversation with Julia Veach, Chelsea Smith, Natalie Todd, and Laura Lentz on life, leadership, and motherhood.

hosted by: DawnCheré Wilkerson

Making Your Faith Attractive

Sometimes we get the misguided idea that bold, authentic faith should separate us from the world. Yet the Bible makes it clear that while we are called to live by the rules and rhythm of a new kingdom, we live out our lives of faith in the middle of a lost and dying world. How do we remain set apart yet stay in the fight? Join Jason Kennedy as he interviews Carl Lentz on evangelism and winning your friends to Jesus.

Jason Kennedy interviews Carl Lentz

Creating Culture Carriers

Leadership is best seen not in your presence but in your absence. Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with your team? Do you ever wish that people would just "get it" already? No one will carry the culture if you haven't clarified it. Come learn as Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. shares his insight on creating leaders who carry the culture everywhere they go.

Hosted by: Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Sisterhood of Strength

At VOUS Church, women serve and lead in every capacity. We believe in the power of women in leadership. What started as a vision in the heart of our pastors has quickly become a movement that has exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Come hear the story of VOUS GIRL as pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson shares her heart for the women of our church community, our city, and our world.

Hosted by: DawnCheré Wilkerson

Stewarding Influence

We've heard it said that leadership is influence. But influence is elusive. Where does it come from? Why do some have it and others don't? . Join Chad Veach as he interviews Mike Todd on the messy journey that brought Mike to where he is today, along with the private faithfulness and unpublicized challenges you don't read about on Instagram.

Chad Veach interviews Mike Todd

Building a Healthy Organization

As church leaders, we look out into the communities around us to reach people and meet needs. But how often do we turn our gaze inward and evaluate the organization we are building to get it all done? If we're going to reach more people, we're going to have to expand our capacity. But if we don't stay healthy, we won't grow. Let's talk about how to build better organizations so we can take the lid off of what God wants to do in our cities.

Hosted by: Adrian Molina

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Have you ever had a great idea that you weren't sure how to share? The Church has the greatest message in the world. How can we become the best in the world at delivering it? We carry the message in our hearts, but we carry our methods with open hands. Change is inevitable; progress is optional. Come hear from some of our creatives on how to leverage marketing, design, and social media to share the greatest story ever told.

Hosted by: Samuel Gualtieri

Are You OK?

It’s okay to not be okay, it’s just not okay to stay that way. We believe that the conversation around anxiety, depression, and mental health needs to be destigmatized in the Church. The first step to solving a problem is creating awareness. If we can't be honest about what we're really dealing with, we will never really deal with it. Join Ben Courson, author of Optimisfits, as he shares his story and brings a message of relentless hope.

Hosted by: Ben Courson